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M&N Architecture

The M&N Architecture caompany is a planning, projecting and application firm which applies contemporary and outstanding building projects and adds his way into them.

Our ideal is to find the best architectural and engineering solutions by using the by using half products with proper quality and transform them without forgetting the society uses into living units. All steps for this aim reflect the sprit of love and share.

Our target is to be in the first important 5 companies of the turkish project undertaking sector in the year 2015. Furthermore, by connecting our organization power, maintaining our place among our rivals, in the market of furniture equipments, office and house interior architectural solutions.

Our potential are people who know the importance of image and vision and all the investors and undertakers who look for the quality and the best service.

In today's world it is not enough to take a decision about the future of the firm, to develop plans and strategies and to consider only the future.

It is necessary as M&N Architecture, in each stage of the company, with our staff together; to develop the opinions for the future. M&N Architecture is an establishment which takes care or its staff's life dynamics, their social motivations and has the aim of together-increasig; it is a company which has worries for the environment and which believes in esthetical values and which wants to realize them.

As everybody knows, a firm has three functions. One of them is the company itself, the other one is the owners of the firm, that is, the undertakers and the third one is the employee, that is, the interior undertakers.

According to this , the M&N Architecture is the company itself and it is a firm which is on the side of renewing, which has been improving and developing, which may see the opportunities around it and in the markets, which increases the adventages of rivalry, and which can reach the proper solutions and reults from the market changings.